Herpes simplex virus has managed to survive despite many efforts from the scientists and pharmaceutical companies. Herpes is still ruining lives of millions of herpes sufferers in the United States and all around the world. With so much of development and advancements in every field, even the modernization of the 21st century has failed to take out the stigma of herpes from the society. It is because to put an the end to the stigma, we first have to find out a solution to the infection. Yes, it is an infection caused by a family of viruses. And people will start looking at it as an infection only when we will find a solution to it just like we have medicines for many others. In searching for a holistic cure for herpes, scientists have finally found an amazing action of silver against herpes simplex virus. Silver is used in many different fields in different countries. But, recently it has also entered the field of medicine. If I am not wrong, herpes patients would be benefitted the most with this. We will see what silver in herpes cure can do and how much it can help, but before that, let us have a look at what researches have to say about the silver benefits for herpes treatment.

We will see everything related to the use of silver in herpes, its impact on overall health, the mediums with which we can make silver fight directly with herpes simplex virus and much more. But, because it is a new and unique idea, we have to be sure for both- its effectiveness as well as safety. So, let us see what research is being carried out in different corners of the world and what the scientific studies are try to say.

csvsf_hdr“Silver Nanoparticles as Potential Antiviral Agents” was published in a leading medicinal journal -Molecules back in 2011. Yes, the concept of using silver as a medicinal agent is nothing new and we have research evidences supporting its use since the last decade. According to the researchers, viruses still are the biggest threat to humanity. There have been improvements in antiviral therapy, but with a wide margin of ineffectiveness, therefore new antiviral agents are urgently needed to continue the battle between invading viruses and host responses. As a result, products like silver and some natural products are being tested for their effectiveness against many viruses. According to the author, recently some studies have emerged showing that metal nanoparticles can be effective antiviral agents against HIV-1, hepatitis B virus, respiratory syncytial virus, herpes simplex virus type 1, monkeypox virus, influenza virus, and Tacaribe virus.

So, you are lucky that herpes simplex virus is also on the list. The research findings in the publications also found that targeting the early steps of virus entry is a very attractive strategy for therapeutic intervention because the virus at early stage of breakout/ infection is usually easily targetable and therefore relatively accessible. This increases the chances of the virus getting killed because in case of herpes simplex virus, distinguishing between human cell nuclei and the virus isn’t possible. This is why most of the antiviral drugs fail to cure herpes. And luckily, this is why something like silver in herpes can prove to be excellent cure. It can be concluded that in some form if the herpes simplex virus is exposed to silver, the virus can be killed.

There are a huge number of research articles published in various medicinal journals that have more or less concluded the same. “Mode of antiviral action of silver nanoparticles against HIV-1” published in journal of nanobiotechnology is a bit different. This inspects the method that silver takes on to defeat HIV. Yes, there are claims that silver can help in HIV. Don’t you think if something has a potential to fight with HIV, it can surely help you get rid of herpes too?

The data and clinical trial clearly suggest that silver nanoparticles exert anti-HIV activity at an early stage of viral replication, most likely as a virucidal agent or as an inhibitor of viral entry. So, you can expect a similar action against herpes simplex virus as well if not stronger. Just like we need air to breathe, herpes simplex virus needs some enzymes to live and reproduce. The colloidal silver attacks those enzymes and makes it impossible for the herpes simplex virus to survive. This is the reason behind the effectiveness of silver in herpes cure.

maxresdefaultNow you know silver benefits for herpes, you can easily get rid of herpes, right? Of course you don’t have to eat silver products for this. It should be clear that the silver in herpes cure we are talking about is a processed form of silver. You can either take it in the form of colloidal silver. By the way, have you heard of colloidal silver? If we talk in scientific terms, Colloidal silver is a suspension of submicroscopic metallic silver particles in a colloidal base. But, since this definition is for scientists, we have something general for herpes patients. In general colloidal silver is the solution that chokes the viral and bacterial colonies to death. Colloidal silver in herpes cure is said to kill herpes simplex virus as it can kill any type of bacterial, fungal and even viral infections. Small amount of silver killed almost 650 types of pathogens within minutes during a study conducted back in 1980’s. Isn’t it amazing? After reading this you might have already started imagining a herpes free future.

The best part about using silver in herpes cure is the easy availability of silver in colloidal form. You might have seen colloidal silver on the shelves of many food stores. Health stores and pharmaceuticals are selling many variants and brands of this product. It is famous for mild allergies and viral infections like cold. But only a few of you are aware of the use of colloidal silver in herpes. You too can either go with this option. But, in case you want a natural cure for herpes in the form of silver only, there are many ayurvedic medicines that have silver in processed form. Yes, several ayurvedic bhasma contain silver ashes and are pretty famous for curing infections.

is-it-really-possiblle-to-get-rid-of-herpesEvery bhasma in ayurveda is claimed to be biologically produced nanoparticles, which are prescribed with several other medicines of Ayurveda. The extremely small size obtained after bhasmikaran (an ayurvedic procedure to convert the raw metal into ashes that carry a medicinal value) helps the medicine to penetrate in almost every minute part of human body. This enables the ashes to reach even the brain and nerves of human beings and this is believed to be one of the reasons behind the effectiveness of ayurvedic medicines in infections like HIV and herpes. So, in case you want to have a trustworthy healer that has traditional background and is scientifically proven as well, you can go for ayurvedic products containing silver.

Roughly 3.7 billion people, which are 67% of the world’s population, are infected with type-1 herpes-simplex virus. Looking at the rate of transmission, this Herpes virus is expanding its reach globally by finding new victim every millisecond. And the numbers are a real cause for concern, they say, because the most common way the virus is transmitted is changing in many parts of the world. We need to control it before it gets anywhere and everywhere and silver in herpes cure seems t be a perfect cure. Yes, there is no doubt on the effectiveness of silver benefits in herpes. However, there is still a question- and that is about the safest method of taking silver, right? We can understand your concern, but, if you choose ayurvedic medicines over any other treatment method, you by default are choosing the safest medicine available on this planet.

Ayurveda is a system that completely prohibits the use of any chemicals or drugs. it is entirely based on the principles of natural healing and hence you can be sure of safety. So, the last problem also seems to be resolved, right? Now you can take one step ahead and move towards curing herpes with silver and ayurveda. One additional benefit of using silver in herpes cure is that every ayurvedic medicine is made up of not only just metals like silver, but many other herbs and herbal decoctions. So, you will get the benefits of all those herbs as well. In short, using silver in herpes can cure your infection, but using it through ayurveda can give you holistic, healthy and safe cure. If you are not sure of how to get ayurvedic medicines for herpes or any other problem, you can call paramanand ayurveda. This ayurvedic company assists you in everything you need to start using silver in herpes cure. From getting consultation from the best ayurvedic doctor online, to delivering ayurvedic medicines at your doorstep, this ayurvedic company can do it all for you. So, treat herpes with silver and ayurveda to live a herpes free life.