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Medicines and herpes simplex 2- Can medicines cure herpes?

Genital Herpes And Its Medicinal Cure

Genital herpes is an infection of the genitals and it occurs in men and women on their genitals surrounding area of the skin and it caused by herpes simplex virus. Medications can give you relief but sometime it also gives you side effects. Although many antiviral medicines used to treat herpes viruses but there are 3 most common and effective antiviral medicines are acyclovir, famciclovir and valacyclovir. This medicine usually works to stop spreading the symptoms in your body but only if you take this in the initial phase of your outbreak.  They do not clear the herpes virus from your body they just stop the virus from spreading and also it gives you some relief from itching, pain and blisters. Basically it reduces the duration and severity of symptoms. Genital herpes is sexually transmitted infection and it spread through different sexual partners. Many people don’t get its symptoms but still they can infect other people. Herpes virus is so mild that you can’t even see it in your reports and it also takes time to appear on your body.

Antiviral Medications in Initial Stage

Antiviral medication is normally prescribed to treat herpes symptoms in initial episode. You have to take 5 days treatment of herpes in starting and it is usual but the time span can increase if your blisters are still forming. Study shows that if you are taking medicines to stop herpes symptom formation, blister may last from 10 to 28 days. You can control its symptoms by using antivirals but, the early you start the medication the early you can control your symptoms to spread.

Antiviral Medication for Repeated Episode of Herpes Symptoms

herpes on lipsSome people have problem of recurrence episode of herpes but it’s not a serious issue it comes with miner effect and stay for a few days so you can easily manage its symptoms. The repeated symptoms of herpes it usually stay 7-10 days rather than 28-29 days. You do not need to take any special treatments for this repeated symptoms, you can just take salt bath, painkillers and local anesthetic ointment.  Using these medications can remove your pain and symptoms.  If you ever feel that your recurrent symptoms are not manageable, you should consult you GP (medical doctor who treat chronic illness and gives you prevention ideas).  And if it is not a serious condition, you can treat yourself at your home.

Here are Some Ideas to Treat Herpes Symptoms

  • Keeps the affected area clean using salt water it will help to prevent blisters and ulcers from infected and using this method can heal your blisters faster. By doing this your affected area is not going to stick together.
  • You can use ice cube with wrapped in a bag and tea bags to heal the pain of sores and doing this can speed up the healing process.
  • Apply petroleum jelly like vasocare, Vaseline and painkiller cream on any blister and ulcers can reduce the pain when you pass urine.
  • Drink correct and accurate quantity of water to pass dilute urine because this will make your urine passing less painful.
  • Try to avoid tight and proper fitting clothes because it can irritate your blisters and also it may convert into worse situation.

Treatments for Genital Herpes

If anyone have genital herpes they have to see a doctor or go to sexual health clinic. Doctor will take a sample of your fluid area then it will be sent to the laboratory. If your reports are negative, that doesn’t mean you does not have genital herpes. If you want you can also treat yourself by doing some easy and effective ideas such as,

  •  aspirin, naproxen and ibuprofen for herpes simplex 2OTC painkillers like aspirin, naproxen and ibuprofen.
  • According to researches taking bath in salty water can also help you to sooth you blisters and pain.
  • Ice cubes can also help you in treat herpes symptoms but do not apply direct on your affected area always use bag or cloth.
  • Apply vaccine or any petroleum jelly on your affected area.
  • Avoid tight clothing
  • Wash your hands especially after touching you affected areas.
  • Try to maintain distance from sexual activity until your symptoms have gone.


There is no drug that can remove this virus permanently. Your doctor may prescribe an antiviral to treat its symptoms like acyclovir but this antiviral medicine is not capable to remove this virus completely because it is impossible. This drug only stops herpes virus from multiplying. Antiviral pills and vaccines are known to clear the outbreaks of herpes and reduce the severity of herpes symptoms.

Episodic and Suppressive Treatment

Episodic Treatment-

This treatment is for those patients who face less than 6 recurrences in a year. Each year you have to take 5 days of antiviral treatment when you feel numbness and tingling just before your symptoms began. This whole procedure is called as episodic treatment. Studies show that using episodic treatment is marginal In comparison to others. But for many people also thinks that this is an amazing therapy to manage outbreaks. This treatment is very useful if you take this in your initial stage of herpes symptoms.

Suppressive Treatment-

herpesIf a patient faces more than 6 recurrences in a year, you have to take a regular dosage of antiviral. This treatment is known to prevent further outbreaks from developing. Taking of suppressive treatment is good for you because taking this treatment can reduce the risk of passing HSV to your partner. Studies show that approximate 40-50% people are satisfied with the treatment of suppressive because it has both qualities effective and safe. This medication totally depends on the absorption in your body this treatment give different effects on different people.

There are many treatments available to treat herpes but it also cause some side effects. If you want treatment with minor side effects, try to use natural remedies for herpes. It will give more fast relief in comparison to other.

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