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If you have recently become aware of the side effects of antiviral medications for genital herpes, or you simply cannot afford the expensive pills, we have something really great in store for you. You can get relief from those uncomfortable and unbearably painful symptoms of genital herpes from many others ways than antivirals. If you fall in any of the two categories, then you are at the right place but in case you still trust antiviral treatment for genital herpes, you surely need some enlightenment. Before giving you all the beneficial and healthy ways of getting relief in genital herpes, I want to tell you some facts about the antiviral treatments that have lead to the development of sudden distrust towards them.

There are more than 100 million episodes of oral and genital herpes combined together annually. If we take into the consideration all the money spent on treating all these episodes, the amount if really huge and surprising. Most of the people in the United States use some kind of treatment for dealing with herpes outbreaks symptoms. For internal symptoms like high fever, body ache, headache etc they rely on antiviral medicines, while to get rid of the cold sores appearing on and near the genitals they use some kind of topical treatment. There are a high percentage of people who use both the treatments simultaneously to get fast relief in genital herpes.

Why is Genital Herpes Spreading So Much?

One reason behind spending so much on genital herpes is the perception that genital herpes is more dangerous than oral herpes. Although the statement is a very common belief among genital herpes patients, if you look at any eye herpes patients, you will surely change your opinion. Actually both the types of herpes infections are caused by similar and closely resembling herpes viruses and display almost similar symptoms. And the truth is that if we take proper treatment and precautionary measures, we can get instant relief in genital herpes. Because the sores develop in the lower part of the body in genital herpes, the condition become highly uncomfortable because there is no air passage in the genital parts. Also unlike lips and nose, you cannot control the sweating in those areas. Some of these factors together make genital herpes more painful.

genital herpesNow you know that herpes simplex 2, the virus causing genital herpes is equivalent to herpes simplex 1, but the other factors makes the condition of genital herpes patients worse. This is why the antiviral treatments we use to get relief in genital herpes are also the same that we are prescribed to get rid of oral herpes outbreak. Not only these antiviral therapies are same, but the side effects of those antivirals are also equally intense for both types of herpes patients.

You might have heard about some of the side effects of antivirals, but today we will make you familiar with many of them. If you do not find anything wrong in using the antiviral therapy for recurrent genital herpes outbreaks, I bet you will find many things going wrong inside your body after reading this.

  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Skin rashes
  • Dark spots on the skin affected by cold sores and treated by antiviral ointment
  • Mood swings
  • Some sort of kidney problems

herpes-infectionThese reasons are enough for transiting to a safer, effective and reliable way to get relief in genital herpes. You would have saved your health if your eyes were open to see the other side of the coin, but it is better late than never. Even now if you shift to natural methods and make them your preferred source of relief for future genital herpes outbreaks, you will do a great favor to your health and body both.

You will find other sources of relief only when you look beyond antiviral treatment and to do that you required some concrete reasons. We have given you those reasons, and now it is time to see how we can get relief in genital herpes without using any antivirals. Here is a list of natural products that are a great replacement to antivirals and also are as effective in relieving you from the symptoms as antiviral treatment is.

Easy and Effective Home Remedies For Herpes

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is amazing oil with unbelievable healing properties. It is nature’s best gift for those suffering from genital herpes. Tea tree oil is a natural relieving agent having the capacity of giving you instant relief from the pain, itching redness, and soreness of the cold sores. You can count on this for treating both, oral herpes as well as genital herpes.tea tree oil

The only thing to be careful about while using tea tree oil is to dilute it before applying on the cold sores. All the other oils can be applied directly, but with tea tree oil you do not have that freedom.

Wash the cold sores affected skin with cold water. Wipe the excess of water out with a dry cotton swab or a soft cloth.

Once the sores are dry, apply diluted tea tree oil with the help of a dropper or cotton swab.

Let it do its work on the skin for about half an hour and after that again wash the skin. Use different cotton swab each time you apply the tea tree oil at different places of the body.


The genital herpes virus does not like lysine at all and hence you must start liking it fro today onwards. This is the most popular natural remedy among the genital herpes patients in the United States. It is obvious because lysine seems to be more effective than any other natural treatment as well as antiviral therapy. The cost also is not too high when compared to the cost of antiviral treatments of genital herpes.

lysine supplementAlthough this method will not give you instant relief in the symptoms of genital herpes, the health benefits makes it worth trying.

You must eat foods that are high in lysine. Some of the examples of lysine rich foods are: fish, milk, beans, cheese and chicken.

Most fruits and vegetables also have more of lysine, but you should avoid those foods that contain high amount of arginine (because arginine can do just the reverse of lysine and these two compete for absorption in our body).

Directly grabbing lysine supplement also is a way to get fast relief from the painful symptoms of genital herpes, but to confirm the dosage you must consult your doctor. Read more to know details about lysine and herpes.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera for herpes. How can you forget the magical aloe vera stem when you are searching for a source of relief in any skin problem? Aloe vera can do the magic here as well. In fact not only in treating genital herpes, but aloe vera has a role in preventing future outbreaks of genital herpes.  aloe veraIt might not be so easy for you to digest the statement, but a cup of aloe vera juice is the answer to all your genital herpes related problems.

To deal with the internal symptoms of genital herpes, drink aloe vera juice. Aloe vera juice is available online and on the grocery store near you.

This is the key behind delaying your next outbreak. Although the taste is not so good, but the health advantages make it a must have genital herpes cure.

For healing the sores of genital herpes fast, apply aloe vera gel repeatedly every 4 hours on the skin and let it stay for about half an hour. You can get aloe vera gel in packaged form, and if you have the plant in your garden, it can be extracted from small aloe leaf as well.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are rich in antiviral and antibacterial properties, and some of them are just like the perfect enemy for genital herpes virus. These oils are more than moisturizing agents and coking oils. To get relief in genital herpes infection you can use olive oil, castor oil or coconut oil.

oliv oilIf you have olive oil at home, this can be used to treat genital herpes infection. To take care of your skin during the genital herpes outbreak, apply olive oil frequently. You can also add it to your food. Replacing your present cooking oil with olive oil is a very good idea if you can afford it.

Castor oil also contains some complex and powerful compounds that can definitely give you relief in the pain and itching of the cold sores. It is sometimes applied directly, and the other times covered with a garlic clove.

Coconut oil is yet another essential oil that has more than just a few health benefits. The component of coconut oil called monolaurin is responsible in relieving you from all the symptoms of genital herpes. Those who are aware of the benefits of coconut oil have already started using it for cooking purposes, while others enjoy their salad or soup garnished with coconut oil.

Visit to gather more details regarding the benefits of essential oils for herpes.

Herbal Tea

Drinking an ordinary cup of tea may sound tasty but it is not a healthy act. For genital herpes patients that cup of tea should immediately be replaced with a cup of herbal tea. You can make herbal tea at home almost the same way you make the normal tea. The only change in the recipe is that tea bag. Some of the herbs that can be used in place of antivirals to get instant relief in internal as well as external symptoms of genital herpes are:

Dandelion is an herb the root of which is a natural genital herpes healer. You have to take the dried powder of dandelion’s root and boil it in approximately one cup of water. After boiling for about 7 minutes, let the mixture cool down and then drink it every evening. Not alone in genital herpes, but this tea is helpful in fighting many other infections tea

Licorice root’s tea also is an herbal tea that has been used by genital herpes patients since decades to get relief in the painful herpes outbreaks. This herbal tea is prepared in a way similar to that of dandelion root’s extract. The best part about drinking this herbal decoction is that continuous use of this s extremely helpful in avoiding genital herpes outbreaks.

Echinacea is another magical plant, just like the aloe vera, which has any health benefits. Almost every part of this medicinal plant can be used by herpes patients as well as other health freaks. You can make a tea from the flowers of Echinacea, from the dried leaves of the same plant, or even from the root of Echinacea. All of them are equally good at providing relief in genital herpes symptoms.

Genital herpes is no doubt an uncomfortable situation, and you want to get out of it as soon as possible anyhow. But if you focus on short term well being, you will end up sacrificing your long term health. The pain, anxiety, fear and trouble that you go through during genital herpes outbreak is totally understandable, but it is not necessary to use antivirals for getting temporary relief when you have so many other natural relievers. The cost of antivirals is very high, not only in terms of money, but also in terms of the side effects they cause.

You can use any of the above discussed natural methods for as much time as you want. In fact if you use them in combination, they will give even better results. Only a few natural pain relievers and genital herpes healers have been mentioned above and if you search the nature’s repository of healing agents, you will find them in hundreds. It would be really difficult for you to choose as all of them are amazing in their own way. But the above mentioned natural remedies for genital herpes are the best out of the heap and have been included to the list only because all of them are tried, tested and praised by thousands of genital herpes patients and now it is your turn.