Herpes Simplex Virus 1 (HSV-1)

Herpes And Its Types

Herpes is a type of contagious infection and it is caused by a group of virus. This group consist of two virus and both virus infect different part of your body. The herpes virus is categorized in two parts. The first one is Herpes Simplex Virus 1 and also abbreviated as HSV-1. Herpes Simplex Virus 2 also abbreviated as HSV-2 is the second type virus that relates in herpes group. Today we will talk about Herpes Simplex Virus 1. Today almost 50-60% people are infected with this virus all across the world. This is a type of virus that generally affects your mouth and its surrounding area. This can affect your lips, upper part of your lips, cheeks, chin or even fingers and upper part of your neck but that doesn’t mean that it can’t affect your genitals or reproductive part of your body. This virus can affect you at any stage of your life. From a toddler to an old man, no one is safe of this virus. Outbreak of this virus happens when :


Sharing Utensils:

If you share utensils with a contaminated person then you are higher risk of greeting herpes virus. So prevention is better than cure. Do not share your pots with a person who is having this virus.


It is one of the most common reason that outbreak this virus. Do not kiss your partner or anyone who is already contaminated with herpes simplex. The time will come when symptoms of this virus may go away then only you should kiss your partner. When there is not any cold sore, blister or any lesion being seen on your partner’s mouth then you may go and have kiss because you will be at higher risk of getting this virus if you perform kiss if these symptoms are present.

Sharing Contaminated Stuff: 

Sharing contaminated stuff may put you at higher risk of getting this virus. So do not share contaminated stuffs like lipstick, lip balm or contaminated stuff.

Symptoms Of Herpes

These are the most common reasons of getting infected with this virus. Now when it comes to symptoms of this virus, Symptoms of herpes virus are not being seen generally at its earlier stage because this virus keeps itself in idle condition inside your body and may remain in your body till your last breath without showing any symptoms. But once symptoms have arisen on your body then it is possible that it will keep coming on your body every now and then. It is a chronic disease that means in medical profession it is called long term disease. Symptoms of this virus can include :


Cold Sores:

This is tiny fluid-filled lesions that causes cold sores. Cold sores of facial herpes usually appear as set of tiny blisters on the lip. Cold sores can be painful and often causes itching on infected area.

Redness on Skin:

Person contaminated with this virus often feels redness of the skin. These red skin causes eczema or itching on the skin.

Feeling of Depression:

People often get depressed when they come to know about herpes virus in their body. As this virus causes above symptoms that can be very dirty to see. Therefore people don’t want anyone to see their face and they often refrain themselves into a small room and isolate themselves of the world.

Inferiority Complex:

People often get victim of deep inferiority complex as they think that this is a rare infection and only they have got this virus but that is not true at all. As above discussed almost half of the world population are affected.

Treatment For Herpes

These are the symptoms that a contaminated person faces throughout of its life. People often think of taking their life just because they think that now it will bother them throughout their life so better to end the life. But that is not a solution. Yes it is true that no known cure is available for this virus but you should also know that these symptoms can be treated partially and you too can live a normal life. There are many medications as well as home remedies for herpes available that can help curing your herpes. Just keep positive intent and show some determination towards herpes treatment.