Oral herpes

Herpes And Its Breakout

You Can Have Herpes With No Indications

Herpes is a type of contagious infection. A group of virus causes these type of infections. There are almost 70-80 % people affected with this virus all across the world. The worst part of herpes virus is that even if you are affected with this virus even then you may not feel the symptoms of this virus for years.Genital-herpes Herpes viruses generally affect your skin. There are two types of virus in the group. Both type of virus affect different part of your skin. Type one virus also called as Herpes Simplex Virus 1 and often abbreviated as HSV-1. The infection caused by this virus is usually impacts on your mouth and its surrounding area but is doesn’t mean that type on virus can only affect your mouth in fact this virus can affect your genitals as well but in some rare cases only. Type 1 virus causes infection like cold sores, blebs, painful lesions, blisters, pustules, pimples, redness and eczema as well. These symptoms can be very irritating and often impacts your psychological state of mind. Type 2 virus also that is been called as Herpes Simplex Virus 2 and often abbreviated as HSV-2. Infection caused by this virus is usually affects your genital part as well as reproduction part of your body. Like type 1 virus, type 2 virus can also affect your mouth as well as its surrounding area. Symptoms of this virus are itching on genitals part, painful lesions and blisters, redness of the skin. Psychological pressure also arises after getting this infection. We will discuss about the reasons that outbreak this virus :

Sharing Utensils : 

Sharing eating utensils with a contaminated person can put in higher risk of getting herpes virus. Lip balm and any contaminated stuff may put you in higher risk. So prevent yourself of being infected with herpes.


kissing is one of the most common reason that causes outbreak of this virus. If a contaminated person with no symptoms of this virus unknowingly kisses a clean person then there are enough chances of outbreak.

Unprotected Sex:Touching cold sores

Unprotected sex is one of the major reason of genital herpes infection. Therefore it is always been recommended one should practice of protected sex options. You should wear condom before having sex.

Having Multiple Sex Partner: 

Having multiple sex partner may lead you to STD diseases and so herpes. Having multiple sex partner is not only a social stigma but it also affects your health. It can also be the cause of domestic violence between couple.

Touching Cold Sores and Blisters : 

If you touch cold sores and blisters with your bare hands then it can also spread virus in your body. Actually herpes virus lies just under the skin when you touches these cold sores and blisters then the herpes virus stick on your skin as well and starts manipulating your skin that causes cold sores blisters and many other symptoms as well.

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